Application for Grant Funds

  • Role of applicant (must be qualified VI personnel):

  • Work Contact Information:
  • Home Contact Information:
  • Project Category (please select all that apply):

    • Will you be using volunteers in your project? Yes No
  • Project Budget
    Income - Please list all sources of income for the project, actual and prospect, with amounts.
  • Expenses by category — Please describe expenses (for the proposed project only) and list estimated dollar amounts for each category. If you do not anticipate expenses in a given category, please enter "0" as the amount for that category.
    • Alternative format production (braille, audio)
    • Equipment & Supplies
    • Food and Refreshments for Participants
    • Sign Language Interpreters
    • Fees (event admission, tickets, etc.)
    • Telephone and Fax
    • Travel
    • Other
  • Do you have insurance to cover this event? Yes No
  • Download the permission page for each student and request the parent/guardian sign so that ABCTX can post photos, videos, or audio recordings on our website.

    Please ask the parent/guardian of your student(s) to sign a permission form so a photo, video, or audio of this activity can be posted on the website. The form can be downloaded from the webpage. ABCTX will use no last names. THEN, please take photos, videos, or recordings of your students and send or email them with your report.

    If you have questions or comments, please contact Gloria Bennett at or (512) 206 - 9234.