Apply for Program Funding

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Parent/Guardian Permission Form

Who Should Apply

  • Texas Teachers of Visually Impaired students (TVI's)
  • Certified Orientation & Mobility Specialists (COMS)
  • Other professionals who work with Visually Impaired (VI) children

The board of All Blind Children of Texas is aware of the dedication and knowledge that Texas Visually Impaired professionals have in relation to their students. We want you to be able to create opportunities for your students to experience events and activities that will deepen their knowledge of the world and enhance their lives, without having to pay out of your pocket. The board encourages programs that include sighted peers.

Instructions for Applying for Funding

Our application identifies these categories. Your program can address one or more of them.

  • Social and recreational activities
  • Fine arts activities
  • Summer enrichment
  • Youth camp or class scholarship
  • Parent education and support
  • Assistive technology or low vision devices (not covered by Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services or some other agency)
  • Tutoring and mentoring

The request must be based on need and there must be no other available source for the funding. We ask that you keep records of your expenses and return any amount you don’t spend. Please send us an after-program report within 2 weeks of your program.  We may use part of your application and after report on our website.

Please keep your requests to the exact amount that you need so that we can fund as many projects for as many children as possible.

For more information about applying for program funding, please contact us.

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