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Blog posts from our board member, Phil Hatlen, and guest bloggers, addressing issues related to blind and visually-impaired children.

Assistive Technology Knows No Bounds

Would you believe that there is now a "talking" pill bottle? Developed by VoiceRx, the talking pill bottle is now available at participating pharmacies in North Carolina, with more states to follow. There is no fee for the talking bottles.  Patients pay only the standard prescription fee. At this time, VoiceRx is in negotiations with the major pharmaceutical companies to urge them to use the service.

As a totally blind person, a major concern for me has always been knowing that I am taking the right medication. When one is dealing with several prescriptions at a time, this can be a problem. Talking pill bottles seem like a great solution. For more information, call VoiceRx at 1-877-319-6418

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