Cooking Class

Summer Gibson, a teacher of visually impaired students in McKinney ISD, took a group of students to Market Street United in McKinney, TX to participate in a cooking class in October, 2013.
The expected outcomes were: Students will learn to cook basic meals in a state-of the-art demonstration kitchen. It is the perfect setting for our students to learn the skills necessary to prepare a fabulous meal with the help of expert Market Street instructors. After the meal is prepared, students will dine together. Expanded Core Curriculum areas addressed include: Social Skills, O&M, Self Efficiency, Independent Living Skills, Compensatory/Access Skills, and Self-Determination.
Summer commented: We love involving our students in ECC events. It is a great opportunity for them to unite and have interactions with peers of similar disabilities.

The After Report

1. We served 7 students
2. We had 3 teachers; 1 para; 2 DARS-Division for Blind Services specialists attend the event
3. Of the above we had 4 paid staff attend the event
4. The money provided by ABCTX was used to pay the bill to the venue for all participants/attendees

This event was amazing for our students. It was great to see them grow socially while participating in a high interest activity. They practiced turn taking, reading menus, fine motor tasks such as mixing/pouring all while working as a team to achieve a common goal. Some of our students who are often very shy on their home campuses really came out of their shells on this trip. They had no problems socially interacting with like peers.  It is always so rewarding to be able to get our students together. I love that they are able to have time with peers who understand their struggles and who they can relate to. Thank you so much for making this possible for our students!!! One student commented, “This field trip was fun. My favorite part was getting to cook and sing to my friends.”

a boy stirring fruit in a bowl. A girl filling and rolling dough triangles.A boy gives thumbs up when done with his cooking.Six students standing in front of the building. Pumpkins are in the background.Students eating what they cooked.

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