The Virginia Bishop Scholarship

Unemployment or underemployment have been long-time problems for blind and visually impaired persons. Part of that problem may be unemployability, or a lack of appropriate training or education that can build marketable skills. In an effort to help remediate that situation in Texas, a scholarship fund has been established at All Blind Children of Texas.

This fund is intended to help a graduating high school senior, who is blind or visually impaired. It is intended to aid the student in pursuing  useful employment training or higher education that will enable him/her to become gainfully and productively employed.

The sale of the lighthouse cards and the sale of the original paintings, will fund this scholarship.

Guiding Lights Cards

The lighthouse has become a literal guiding light. These cards focus on guiding lights from all over the United States. The artist Virginia Bishop says, "As you enjoy their unique beauty, may you be guided by light from above in your journey through life, and may you reach your port safely."

About the Artist

Dr. Virginia E. Bishop was an itinerant teacher of visually impaired students in Pennsylvania for 30 years before moving to Texas to pursue a doctoral degree at The University of Texas at Austin. After earning that degree, she taught courses to prepare Teachers of Visually Impaired students (TVIs) at a number of universities.

Note from the Artist

These paintings are a series of lighthouses painted exclusively for All Blind Children of Texas (ABCTX). Proceeds from the sale of these cards and original paintings will be used to help a graduating Texas high school senior who is blind or visually impaired to pursue a post-secondary program leading towards productive employment.

Visit our store page to order Lighthouse Cards, which fund the Bishop Scholarship.

Past Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the previous winners of the Bishop Scholarship!

2009 Winners

  • Melissa Finefrock: $1,000 Winner
  • Shaiipaula Thomas: $600 Runner-up
  • Larry Marquez: $400 Runner-up

2008 Winners

  • Michael Kowis: $1,000 Winner
  • Sashikala Nisankarao: $500 Runner-up
  • Caress Davis: $500 Runner-up
  • William Chilton: $500 Runner-up

Evaluation Criteria for the Bishop Scholarship

  • The student is blind or visually impaired
  • Graduating in June
  • Grade point average (a copy of the student's transcript is required)
  • A brief description of the student's career goals
  • A 250-300 word essay describing how the student will use the money to acquire useful employment training or higher education that will enable them to become gainfully employed.
  • Two letters of recommendation from one Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI) or Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist (COMS) and one letter from another teacher or counselor.

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